US South African coaches protest European clubs’ ban on players

US South African coaches protest European clubs' ban on players

Sao Paulo (dpa) – South American coaches protested on Saturday against European clubs that pressured their players to skip three rounds of World Cup qualifiers this month.

Brazil’s Tite, Argentina’s Lionel Scaloni, Colombian Reinaldo Rueda and Chile’s Martin Lasarte want FIFA to solve the problem before three more rounds of the 10-team robin scheduled for October.

Many players have not traveled from England on the recommendation of their clubs due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed by the UK government’s Red List for South America, which means mandatory quarantine on arrival and departure. Brazil also lost two Zenit St Petersburg players minutes before traveling to Chile when their club sent them back to Russia.

Argentina did not lose any of the four thrown in, and Colombia chose defender Davinson Sanchez.

Tite said he does not have nine players in the Premier League, including five regular players. He agreed with another injured coach, Lasarte. I spoke on Thursday after Brazil beat Chile 1-0 in Santiago. Brazil will host Argentina on Sunday.

“He (to my family) told me what they’re doing to us is absurd, we need equality to get all our players,” Tite said. “He said we can count on him at every protest and I said the same. We have to be on the same side. We don’t have the same conditions to prepare for the World Cup and that’s a privilege for others. Mainly European teams.”

“But we have the support of FIFA,” he added, adding that national teams have the right to bring in players. “The players are talking to their clubs in Europe. Hopefully we can finish the upcoming matches without any inconvenience.”

FIFA gave South America two extra days to catch up in September and October so that three qualifying matches can be played in each window instead of the usual matches. He also announced to CONMEBOL that there will be consequences for clubs who fail to send players off as required, which could lead to disciplinary action.

However, complaints from European clubs revolve around the fact that the third match for South America will take place on September 9, that is, on a Thursday. That’s less than two days before the national leagues resume in Europe.

Scaloni wants to discuss the matter as quickly as possible and supports any sanctions without naming any person or organization.

“These rounds are in dispute because they were so fast, but we can’t compete that way,” Scaloni said. “I understand the other teams and I fully support them. You can do it for one or two matches. But not anymore.”

Argentina have only hosted Aston Villas, Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia of Tottenham Hotspur, Giovanni Lo Celso and Christian Romero, in two of the next three qualifiers, but Scaloni denied such a deal.

These players could also become a last-minute problem for Argentina due to COVID-19 protocols.

“Travelers who have visited the United Kingdom, South Africa, Northern Ireland and India in the last 14 days, with some exceptions (for example, Brazilian nationals), must not enter the national territory. It is essential that quarantine be done in another country before entering Brazil,” the authority said. the health. “Providing incorrect information to the Brazilian authorities may constitute a health risk and a violation of local law.”

The Sao Paulo State Health Ministry said in another statement that local investigators are visiting the Argentine hotel to review the documents, which raises doubts about whether the four Argentine players will play on Sunday.

“We will report all the information so that the NHS can decide whether the athletes need to be quarantined,” he said.

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