Urban: Parkour is well known as a sport

Urban: Parkour is well known as a sport

Cities are spaces of great creativity: fashion, arts, sports, customs… GraffitiFor example, what was considered, until very recently, as vandalism, is today urban open-air art accessible to all residents of the city (with the exception of São Paulo, where the current government has, unfortunately, painted the largest outdoor gray mural in Latin America ). How many famous artists are considered references in graffiti art, such as the Brazilian Os Jimius and the British Banksy. In fact, from this earth Recognition of another sportcreated in the urban environment: the Parkour.

What is parkour?

Parkour is road an exercise Which allows the individual to quickly, efficiently and safely overcome any obstacles using only his body. It was initially developed in France in the 1980s and its name comes from the French word “parcous,” which means “road” or “path.” Among the various effects of parkour practices are: Gymnastics and the natural method of physical education by George Hébertalso known as “Métode Naturelle”, which is used Skills and physical abilities to overcome obstacles In urban and natural environments. Parkour can be practiced individually or in a group.

Sports now have a lot of plasticity, as practitioners Running, climbing and jumping between houses, walls, roofs, stairs and any other obstacle Found in cities. The movements are executed with great dynamism and liveliness and do not involve competitiveness.

Sports recognition

parkour woman

Hey The United Kingdom is the first country to recognize parkour as a sport. The advantage of this recognition is that it opens the doors to the growth of the sport and financing its practice, according to what he mentioned Very interesting

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One of its practitioners, Sebastien Vaucan, said Watchman That: “Parkour was not a very well-known activity. It is more famous now, but in terms of institutions, there was no recognition. But now, finally, we are making history. The United Kingdom is the leader.”

We are happy with this news, as all physical activities should be appreciated and encouraged. The video below shows incredible things, including very dangerous things. We also hope that recognition of the sport will bring rules and more safety to the sport. What is beautiful, that is!

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