The UK is making progress in lightening and licensing hugs

The UK is making progress in lightening and licensing hugs

The United Kingdom made further progress, on Monday (5/17), in easing the restrictive measures introduced in the country as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hugs, bars and restaurants are now allowed inside, museums and trips to reopen abroad.

Relaxation measures are taking place despite the spread of the Indian alternative in the country, although British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Friday (05/14) that the alternative may make reaching the final stage of facilitation “more difficult”.

The state is also reviewing its approach to social separation to emphasize “personal responsibility rather than rules,” although official directives are cautious. In an interview with Forbes, Boris stated, “Whoever embraces him, I can guarantee him, he will be cautious and restrained.”

Among the mitigation measures announced for the United Kingdom are:

Groups of up to six people or two families can meet inside and night visits are permitted. People can gather in groups of up to 30 people outdoors, as well as attend weddings, receptions, funerals and other events.

Museums, galleries and cinemas can reopen, as well as bowling halls and arcades, as well as theaters, concert halls and sports stadiums. Organized sports for adults, including fitness classes, could start again, and so could spas and saunas.

Residents of nursing homes can receive up to five specific visitors (two at a time), as long as the visitor tests negative for Coronavirus.

Bars, bars, cafes and restaurants can serve customers at home. All hotels and pensions are erased.

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