United Kingdom of Freedom Matriarchs to be Honored by Association at Sampadrome

United Kingdom of Freedom Matriarchs to be Honored by Association at Sampadrome

The mothers of Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba (GRES) Reino da Liberdade will be the group's top honoree at this year's festival. With plot “Mothers” The school, representing Moro da Libertade, the southern zone of Manás, was the fourth school to march on Avenida do Sampodromo in the Pedro Teixeira neighborhood, the center-west zone of the city, in the early hours of February 4, at midnight.

Many women who have been a part of the association's history have left during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the association has decided to honor them. Last year GRES Reino Unido da Liberdade was third with 268.5 points. “The drum beats hard. I want a tick tick tick. United Kingdom opens the curtains on Zezinho CorrêaAlso a tribute to the Amazonian artist who was affected by Covid-19.

“During the epidemic, Moro (da Libertade) lost many mothers. As it was time to rescue everyone from the school, we paid our respects. From Pachamama we went along the avenue through Orixas, in memory of the female warriors of the neighborhood, until we reached the true matriarch of Reino da Libertade. ..girls who carry the burden,” said Rangal Magalhas, head of the school.

Rangel Magalhas, President of GRES United Kingdom of Freedom (Photo: Jaysa Russo)

“Our festival is very big and impactful. This plot will be very strong and exciting on the avenue. It is a plot that will stand out and the whole avenue will sing. We are coming strong and God willing, we will go up. We have the best cars and the best clothes, they are from Renault ( Unido da Libertade).We have no criticism, we are strong,” the president of the association highlighted.

Members of Battery Furiosa, United Kingdom of Freedom (Photo: Jaysa Russo)

Furiosa Battery under the command of Masters Beninha and Nika “Give Ax Bath” The exterior of the court is named after the greatest Matriarch: Mother Sulmira Gomez. She passed away in 2007 at the age of 84 and is considered an example of kindness, wisdom, spirituality and inspiration. Samba-Enredo is a true ode to neighborhood mothers. “It's about loving / It's your look / May my samba crown you / Your lap my eternal shelter / Bless the United Kingdom”.

At the club's court, located at Avenida São João, number 195, in the Moro da Libertade neighborhood of the South Zone, costumes are available for those who want to march for the club. Each wing represents a marital sentiment and costs R$100. Additionally, a syncopated wing and master suite and flag-carrying couples set the pace for the big day and the community sings the samba. Free clothes are already sold out.


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