United Kingdom: Most employers want their employees to be vaccinated before returning to work

More than half of the company leaders UK They can ask their employees Vaccinate against COVID-19 According to a poll released by the media this Wednesday, to return to work Financial Times.

According to a survey of college organization managers (charter management company) among more than 1 000 executives in the country, half of them believe that office access should be restricted to those who do not want to be vaccinated New corona viruses For non-medical reasons.

According to the same study, about 60% of those responsible have already decided to offer an experiment COVID-19 For their employees, one in five will be forced to return to work.

Moreover, more than half of employers already admit to worrying about conflicts between vaccinated employees and those who resist immunizations. Due to ethical and legal issues indicating what is required Vaccine All employees are employable, government UK According to the newspaper, for a system that allows companies to prove to their customers or employees that they received the injection or that they tested negative.


Cabinet Minister (similar to the presidency) Michael Covey began talks with stakeholders on Monday. COVID-19, Which includes companies.

The survey shows that only one in five employers require their employees to return to the office five days a week. Most, according to research, bet on a hybrid model Telecommunications In person once the current restrictions are lifted, this is one of the government UK It is scheduled to be fully operational by June 21st.

This will lead to a reduction in the size of the offices, the survey concludes, although only 15% of managers expect workers to maintain telecommunications overtime or at all times.

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The outlook on teleworking varies greatly depending on the size of the company: large companies choose more flexibility, while SMEs prefer to return to work every day or almost every day.


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