United Kingdom denies judge seeking Joao Rentero – Observer

United Kingdom denies judge seeking Joao Rentero - Observer

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Former UK banker João Rendeiro has refused to provide information on possible entries and departures to the Portuguese court. According to the fraudulent letter sent by Judge Tania Luriro Gomes, who sentenced Rentiro to ten years in prison, the court must confirm the purpose of his request. If that purpose is to find the culprit, then the judiciary should direct him to the “police authorities”.

The fraudulent letter sent by the Portuguese court reached the British judicial authorities on October 8. In this document, translated into English, Tania Luriro Gomez asked “hurriedly.” To mark the entry and / or exit process of Portuguese citizen Joao Rentiro during the last twelve months. I need inputs and exits logs and destinations. The magistrate justified the request by stating that the defendant was in the country between September 12 and 30.

The answer came in the last week of October, but it had to be translated. In this document, which is now included in the file discussed by the Observer, the Federal Reserve of the United Kingdom states that it is “impossible” to accept the request because of the need for additional information:

  1. Ensuring that the purpose is to identify the person in question
  2. If that is not the purpose, please indicate what crimes are under investigation to justify such information
  3. If the location of the individual is objective, the Federal Commission of the United Kingdom recommends the Portuguese court to make this request in the context of cooperation between law enforcement officials.

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To “proceed with the case”, the British authorities give Portugal 30 days to respond or declare the case closed. However, as of this Thursday, there has been no response from the judge on this process, perhaps the criminal process of embezzling artwork seized from Joao Rentero and his wife in custody, searches and arrests of Maria. De Jesus Rentero (currently under house arrest). Contrary to the process at the hands of Judge Tania Luriro Gomes, the former banker’s whereabouts are now under investigation, which is under judicial secrecy, and has already been investigated and made public.

Rentiro’s escape leads to Maria’s arrest: All suspicions against former PPP leader’s wife

Prior to the judge’s request, the judicial police asked for similar records from their British counterparts, following Rentero’s declaration that he did not wish to return to Portugal. In this case, the response was that there were no records of inputs and exits in the defendant’s country, which may indicate that he was not in the UK at the time he was declared in the UK. A Portuguese embassy in that country. parents.

Rentiro’s trip to Paris and the judge’s attempts to find him

However, this information conflicts with Portway’s records, to which the magistrate sent requests for information, and shows that Jono Rendero booked a trip to the United Kingdom between 12 and 30 September.

The Judicial Police are also investigating these records provided by Portway because they want to confirm whether João Rendeiro, who was identified during these trips, was in fact a former banker. At least on one of those trips to Milan, Jonah Rentiro was on another trip, the newspaper reported. New.

João Rendeiro, along with three other former directors of Banco Privado Português (BPP), was sentenced to ten years in prison between 2003 and 2008 for embezzling more than மில்லியன் 31 million from his personal sphere. This is one of the processes that appear. Of the international arrest warrants issued against them it is due to go to court in the coming weeks with the evidence of the defendants. In another final case, Rentero faces up to five years and eight months in prison for crimes such as computer forgery and fraud.

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