United Kingdom: Congress approves deportation of Rwandan immigrants

United Kingdom: Congress approves deportation of Rwandan immigrants

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, approved the plan to deport irregular migrants to Rwanda in the House of Commons on 17 January. The scheme forcibly sends irregular migrants to the African country and holds them in political asylum until their cases are adjudicated in the UK. Tougher action against migrants was first mooted in April 2022 by the more reactionary former prime minister Boris Johnson. Since its first presentation, the text has been the target of severe criticism from both progressive and democratic sectors. In December last year, people protested against the move.

Admitting that he was “committed” to implementing the crackdown on migrants, Rishi Sunak said, “I will not let any international court stop us from sending planes and implementing this move.” According to the retroactive plans, deportations should begin in the coming months. He called for swift action by the House of Lords on his bill, which he considers a “national priority”.

Avoid political failure

Everything points to the act as a way to garner support in the face of the grave political and economic crisis facing the United Kingdom. The country is facing serious economic problems due to high inflation, hunger and diseases caused by malnutrition. A recent survey revealed that 800,000 people in the country are hospitalized due to malnutrition.

The United Kingdom is one of many places in Europe where large numbers of migrants from Middle Eastern countries flee their countries under the illusion of a “better life” and as a rule impoverished by their own imperial powers and superpowers. Europeans in their countries. In recent years, the United Kingdom has received around 100,000 immigrants. Once in the United Kingdom, these masses are abandoned by the British imperialist government and exploited to the maximum by the country's imperialist tycoons and institutions in the worst conditions and in menial work. In the case of irregularities, it is even worse.

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Reactionary politicians such as Rishi Sunak sought to overcome their political defeat by promoting anti-immigrant policies and chauvinistic rhetoric designed to frame immigrants as the cause of Britain's misery and economic crisis. At the same time, they continue to bombard and pillage oppressed countries, thus cultivating the causes that lead to waves of emigration.

The United Kingdom and the Wars of Aggression

The United Kingdom receives refugees mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, victims of decades of imperialist plunder and oppression. Apart from Iran, the other three were the targets of imperialist invasions, along with the destruction of the local economy and looting of the country in the last 23 years. Both Syria and Iraq are occupied by the Yankee army to this day.

The United Kingdom was in some cases directly involved. The invasion of Iraq was orchestrated by North American imperialism in direct contact with British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the time. Both Blair and former Yankee President George W. Bush were responsible for spreading the lie about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, the “official” justification for the invasion.

In Afghanistan, British soldiers also participated in the invasion of the country, which ended with the desperate departure of Yankee troops in 2021.

In recent days, British imperialism has once again allied with Yankee imperialism to attack oppressed countries, attacking the Middle Eastern country of Yemen in solidarity with Palestine, which seized ships sent to Israel.

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