United Kingdom: Companies discriminate against workers for using motorbikes

United Kingdom: Companies discriminate against workers for using motorbikes

Motorbike users in the United Kingdom are discriminated against at work or encouraged by their employers not to use motorbikes. But… is it the only one?

There are news that surprise us more than others. Employment discrimination against motorcycle users in the UK now exists, along with the incessant thefts of motorbikes, the number of motorbikes abandoned on the roads and the initial difficulties of transporting one’s own motorbike to travel around Europe.

According to the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF), people who use their motorbikes on work trips are being discriminated against. Workers are not prohibited from coming to work by motorcycle, but if they have to go to a meeting, to see a customer… they are not allowed to ride their own motorcycle, other employees are allowed to use their personal car.

The BMF has recently received several such cases from UK companies and has therefore launched a campaign to see how far this discrimination affects motorcyclists.

Furthermore, in these first complaints and always in agreement with the British Motorcycle Federation, they received reports of companies directly discouraging the use of motorcycles by their employees.

Not only does the company no longer allow one of its employees to appear in meetings on a motorcycle, its employees no longer prefer to use motorcycles in their daily commutes. As much as we know that traveling by motorcycle saves the user time, the truth is that we do not fully understand the circumstances or reasons that lead companies to create these situations.

We are not aware of companies advertising this, is this a UK only situation or if there are similar cases in our country, if you know of similar situations please let us know.

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