Unimed Vitória excludes services from some hospitals; You know which ones

Unimed Vitória excludes services from some hospitals;  You know which ones
Photo: Disclosure/UNIMED Vitoria

from today July 6users UNIMED Vitoria Some services and care provided at some hospitals in Greater Vitoria will no longer be available.

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According to the health cooperative, this is “resizing the network of service providers” within the process of “improving services.” The idea is to enhance the brand by evaluating the cooperative's units.

See what changes

• Meridional Vitoria Hospital (Maternidade Santa Úrsula): Exclusion from OB/GYN emergency room, ob/gyn surgeries (UE and elective), NICU and diagnostic imaging services (elective).

• Meridional Sera Hospital: Exclusion from oncology (hospitalization) and elective hemodynamics services.

• Meridional Kariyasika Hospital: Exclusion from oncology services (inpatient and outpatient) and elective hemodynamics.

• Sao Luiz Hospital and Praia da Costa Hospital: Exclusion from diagnostic imaging services (optional).

The provider also informed that to ensure medical assistance it offers its own modules, such as:

– UNIMED Vitoria Maternity Hospital;

– UNIMED Oncology;

– UNIMED Hospital;

-United Emergency Care.

– UNIMED Diagnostics.

– Unimed Specialidades;

– Live well;

– Virtual emergency care.

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For those who have questions about approved providers, you can consult e-mail Or on the Unimed Vitória Cliente app.

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