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Carolina Marques

Unimed Araçatuba Hospital has expanded its oxygen storage capacity with the replacement of the main tank.

Located in the outer area, the new White Martins tank has a capacity of 9,780 cubic metres, twice the volume of the previous tank. “With the expansion, we maintain excellent service and carry out the logistics of supplies even in critical times,” explains the hospital’s managing director, Dr. Flávio R. Garbelini de Oliveira.

According to the managing director, this is another investment to continue to ensure safe and adequate patient care.

The hospital said the oxygen consumption before the Covid-19 pandemic was 420 m3/day. In the epidemic, it reached 1075 m3/day. However, at all times, the smaller tank was able to satisfy demand without any obstacles. “With the smaller tank of 4950 cubic meters, refueling every 3-4 days was at peak consumption in the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new pandemic, even with the epidemic, we have a reserve of 20 days and refuel 3 times a month,” says Denner Filippi. Pereira da Silva, Chemistry Technician at Unimed Hospital Aracatuba.

The new tank also has a telemetry system (controlling the level of oxygen storage) that is monitored via satellite. Thus, when a predetermined level is reached, the supplier (White Martins) is automatically activated to carry out the replenishment.

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