Unexpected: Customer buys PS5 and gets a bag of rice in the UK

Unexpected: Customer buys PS5 and gets a bag of rice in the UK

Some online shoppers are facing nasty surprises at the end of 2021. A player who went to Reddit complained that he was getting a bag of rice instead of the PS5 he had ordered from Amazon in the UK.

Above you can check the post of user u / Jouislones who claims to have been disappointed by the online store when he bought the Sony console and noticed that it was back in stock. The player still says that the console costs 450, sold for around R $ 3,425.93 in direct exchange and directly through Amazon.

Jouislones also complains that the store has not yet provided any credits and no longer has any PlayStation 5 in stock, so the order cannot be transferred in the correct order.

It is interesting to note that the box received by the user is not normal:

Amazon’s black tape was loose and had duct tape underneath, something I had never seen on Amazon delivery before.

Finally, the buyer claims that Amazon is asking them to return the bag of rice in order to get a refund for their purchase, indicating that they have already admitted the error, although the order is particularly bad.

“There will be no famine for rice at Christmas,” says Joyce Lones jokingly.

The case is similar to the one that actor Murillo Benicio recently encountered when he bought the Apple Watch Series 6 on the Carrefour website.

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