UK with 2,193 new cases and 17 deaths due to Govt-19

UK with 2,193 new cases and 17 deaths due to Govt-19

Oh The United Kingdom found, on the last day, 2,193 new cases of infection and 17 deaths related to Covit-19, signaling a revision of the British Ministry of Health this Friday. In total, there are 4,446,824 infections and 127,668 deaths in the UK.

According to the data, 15,782 infections have been reported in the last seven days (1,362 more than the previous seven days, which translates to a 9.4% increase).

In the last seven days, 70 people in the UK have died due to Govt-19 (11 fewer than the previous seven days). At the hospital, there were 749 people last week (75 less than the previous time).

The vaccination campaign against Govt-19 in the United Kingdom continues at a good pace, with 54,434,965 vaccines being administered (more than 19.3 million already have both doses, which is 36.7% of the population). At this point, 68.6% (36,115,955) of the population already have at least the first level.

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