UK: Winston Churchill sandals auctioned off for $ 50,000

Pelmans Auction House UK The பிரதம 39,040 (approximately, 45,600 or $ 54,280) owned by the former prime minister was sold this Tuesday for velvet sandals. Winston Churchill.

The blue, leather-sold, 29cm-long sandals sold for அதிக 32,000 online at a premium of Rs 39,040, with the buyer’s premium, surpassing all expectations – after the auction. Pounds (11,590 to 17,527 euros).

Fancy sneakers WSC (Winston Spencer Churchill) The former Prime Minister said that there are obvious signs of wear from gold embroidery and use UK It gave them that in the 1950s.

Other purposes

Another object to own Winston Churchill, The 21cm brandy glass received a wholesale price of, 18,300 (approximately, 21,380), thus surpassing its estimated value of ,000 7,000 to (10,000 (, 8,112 to, 11,590).

Both places were sold by the family for the first time Churchill They were bought by an anonymous owner at a Sotheby’s auction in 1998, and decided to sell them again this Monday. UK.

“Although it saddens me to participate with them now, I believe in how much I appreciate these products,” seller Belmans said in a statement.

For his part, sales expert Julian Dineen expressed his satisfaction at being able to provide these articles. Winston Churchill, “Increased value” from that auction in the late 1990s.


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