UK warns of £13bn of notes expiring

UK warns of £13bn of notes expiring

The country’s Correios told reporters it would lose about 13 billion pounds (R$80.9 billion) in value in the United Kingdom. This will take place through a sample exchange of £20 and £50 notes, which can be used until 30 September.

According to British Vehicle the sunCitizens of the country can exchange their old currency notes free of charge at any bank, post office or Bank of England in the country.

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According to UK Post Banking Director Martin Kearsley, a fraction of the population keeps banknotes at home rather than bank deposits.

“Yet in the 20s and 50s billions of pounds are hidden away in common and unusual places where people stash money at home,” Kearsley said. “My advice is to take some time off during the summer holidays. [do hemisfério norte] And check if you have any paper notes.

Britons who have not used their old £20 and £50 notes by September 30 can exchange them by depositing them at banks without losing their value.

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