UK wants to change law to speed up deportation of illegal immigrants

UK wants to change law to speed up deportation of illegal immigrants

The UK government said on Friday it would take steps to limit the ability of courts to block the deportation of illegal immigrants as part of changes to proposed legislation to be tabled in parliament next week.

Stopping asylum seekers and other migrants crossing the French Channel using small boats is one of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s top priorities this year.

More than 45,000 of these migrants landed on England’s south coast last year – a 500% increase over the past two years – and the government predicted on Wednesday that this number would rise to 56,000 this year.

“These amendments will make it clear that UK domestic courts cannot use any interim measures to prevent someone from being removed if they bring a legal challenge to speed up removals, except where there is serious and irreversible harm,” the UK Home report said. The office said in a statement.

Other changes to the law would allow undocumented immigrants to be classified as adults if they refuse to undergo what the government described as a “scientific age assessment,” and allow immigration officials to search immigrants’ cell phones.

“The changes I am announcing today will help secure our borders, remove people, prevent last-minute false claims and ensure we strengthen our safe and legal routes,” the foreign minister said. Interior, Suella Braverman.

Charities supporting refugees say the UK currently offers very few options for most migrants to apply for asylum before entering the country or to try to enter legally with a view to making an asylum claim.

The country’s government is trying to discourage illegal immigrants by deporting them to Rwanda, but British courts have so far blocked that move.

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