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Downing Street quoted Prime Minister Boris Johnson as saying on Friday (17) that the United Kingdom would use all its “diplomatic and economic powers” to prevent any Russian aggression against Ukraine.

During a telephone conversation, Johnson reiterated British support for Ukraine, and Zelensky assured that the UK would “use all its diplomatic and economic forces with its allies to prevent any Russian aggression against Ukraine.” Headquarters of Administration in London.

In this way, the United Kingdom also seems to reject military opposition, which was rejected by US President Joe Biden.

During the conversation, Johnson and Gelensky acknowledged the importance of “continuing negotiations with Russia” and noted the importance of Ukraine and European countries “reducing their dependence on Russian gas” and the need to “develop green and diversified energy sources.” .

A few weeks ago, Washington, the European Union and Kiev accused Moscow of making preparations for the occupation of Ukraine, which the Kremlin denies.

The phone call between Johnson and Zhelensky comes just days after a conversation between the British Prime Minister and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Last Monday, Johnson called on Putin to “ease tensions” and reiterate the British warning, which represents a “strategic error” that could have strong “consequences” of any Russian military intervention.

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