UK urges Israel to fight “more surgically” in Gaza

UK urges Israel to fight “more surgically” in Gaza

British Foreign Minister David Cameron has called IsraelThis Tuesday, the 19th, to take up his battle Gaza Strip Against Hamas “in a highly surgical, clinical and precise manner.”

“What we ask of Israel is that it minimize civilian casualties, respect international humanitarian law at all times and continue its campaign against Hamas, taking these two things into account,” Cameron added after meeting his Italian counterpart, Antonio Tajani. .

The British minister recalled that there were fewer victims in the south of Gaza than in the north of the Palestinian Territory, which is partially occupied by the Israeli army.

Despite being Israel’s traditional allies, the United Kingdom and Germany on Sunday called for a “durable ceasefire” in Gaza.

Asked about the proposal, Cameron assured this Tuesday that the ceasefire would not last if Hamas continued to control part of Gaza.

“People say I want a ceasefire and a two-state solution. Both cannot happen at the same time. We cannot expect the Israelis to accept a two-state solution if Hamas continues to control part of Palestine,” he added. British minister.

More than 19,600 people have died in Gaza since the Israeli offensive began, while 1,140 have lost their lives in Hamas attacks against Israel, which preceded the bombings, according to data from Israeli and Palestinian officials.

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