UK Strange Way to Fight Climate Change: Recognition of New Oil and Gas Wells in the North Sea to Reduce Emissions from the Sector – Energy

The UK It will recognize new incentives for drilling oil and gas wells in the North Sea, within an investment plan of 16 16,000 million (18 18,500 million) to halve carbon emissions in the sector by 2030.

The government on Wednesday presented its proposal as a way to protect 40,000 jobs “within the green energy transition”, but environmental NGOs criticized the move and demanded that new licenses not be issued.

In the eyes of climate change activists, the government’s plan to host the November COP26 summit in Glasgow undermines its credibility.

According to the executive, the industry is committed to reducing emissions to 10% by 2025, 25% by 2027 and 50% by 2030.

In return, until March 31, the United Kingdom will not provide financial assistance to the fossil fuel sector abroad.

With the approval of the agreement, Commerce and Energy Minister Kwazi Quarteng promised that “a clear message is being sent to the world that the United Kingdom will be a clean energy nation and that it will rise better and greener.” Infection “.

Industrial workers, the government and the unions will ‘decarbonize’ production in the North Sea over the next decade by 2050 and create a ‘perfect business environment’ to attract other sectors. The United Kingdom and create new jobs in the long run, the reference points out.

Oil and gas extraction on the British continental shelf in the North Sea is 3.5% direct in UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Through these measures, the government expects to reduce emissions to 60 million tonnes by 2030, including 15 million tonnes from oil and gas production on the UK shelf, equivalent to 90% of annual emissions by UK households.

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According to Greenpeace, the United Kingdom is “fooling itself” by this type of initiative, in which it presents itself as a champion of the Green cause while taking action to increase climate change.

Mel Evans, who works with the NGO, told the BBC that the initiative was a “massive failure” and would help “destroy the Paris Agreement” and that all its signatories should present emissions reduction targets in COP26.

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