UK signs 10-year military deal with Ukraine

UK signs 10-year military deal with Ukraine

The announcement was made during Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's visit to Kiev; Britain will send 2.5 billion euros in military aid

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Agreement reached Bilateral security in an amount lasting for a decade. The announcement was made during the British Prime Minister's surprise visit to Kyiv this Friday (12 January 2024).

The deal, with a 10-year term, will send 2.5 billion euros in military aid to Ukraine to finance drones, long-range missiles and munitions.

In practice, the new aid package increases UK spending on aid to Ukraine by €200 million compared to the €2.3 billion sent to Kiev over the past 2 years.

The deal with the United Kingdom comes at a good time for Ukraine, as one of its main allies, the United States, is barred from sending more money to the country at the moment.

The US Congress is divided over requests to fund public services through 2024. More conservative Republicans are demanding drastic spending cuts and are opposed to sending more aid to Kiev.

In his profile on X (formerly Twitter), Zelensky celebrated the deal and called it a historic moment for Europe.

“Thanks to this, we will achieve a defense whose presence will actually help deter aggressive Russia”, He wrote President of Ukraine.

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