UK proposes NATO mission in Ukraine

UK proposes NATO mission in Ukraine

The revelation comes amid tensions between the regime of President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine's armed forces.

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oh United Kingdom proposed The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Discuss sending a Expeditionary Force to UkraineIn addition to establishing a no-fly zone in territory controlled by Kiev authorities, a source told Sputnik this Friday (02).

“Due to unfavorable developments for Kiev in military operations, the United Kingdom proposed NATO allies “Discussions will include sending an expeditionary force to Ukraine, establishing a no-fly zone over territory controlled by Kiev authorities, and resuming supplies of weapons and equipment to Ukraine's armed forces,” the source said.

Revelation takes place in the middle Problems of the regime of President Vladimir Zelensky According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, rumors of the sacking of Commander Valery Zalushnyy with Ukraine's armed forces even this week were denied by Kiev.

“In London, they understand that Most member states “NATO is unlikely to support such actions,” he added.

“However, if there is a significant weakness, the British side believes Armed Forces of Ukraine Success in the operations of the Russian armed forces inside the Ukrainian territory, the allies will approve the initiative.

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