UK presents plan to zero carbon emissions in transport – 07/14/2021

UK presents plan to zero carbon emissions in transport - 07/14/2021
LONDON, July 14 (EFE) .- The UK government on Wednesday unveiled a plan to classify zero carbon emissions as a “global pioneer” for the entire transport network by 2050, including planes, trains, cars and trucks.

UK Transport Minister Grant Shops said in Parliament this Wednesday that a consultation period between the parties would be opened, and that the strategy followed by the executive should be approved soon.

UN Official activities will take place in November ahead of the Climate Summit, COP 26, which takes place in Scotland and is chaired by the United Kingdom.

Initially, the government plans to ban the sale of all new carbon-emitting vehicles by 2040, and this could be achieved in the aviation sector after a decade.

However, this reduction can be expected for ten years, although project critics point out that this depends on the rapid development of environmentally sustainable fuel technology.

In addition, the British government is still committed to plans to convert the entire fleet of official cars into electric vehicles by 2027.

Shops told parliament of the need to reduce carbon emissions.

“We want to travel on holiday, but we have to make more efficient flights using sustainable fuels. We will drive cars on more advanced roads, but with zero emissions,” he assured the minister.

(Opposition) Labor spokesman for Transport Jim McMahon said the government had missed the opportunity to present an “ambitious and credible” plan, but had not been given enough details on how to achieve the goals.

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