UK: Peel Ports exemplifies appointing Liverpool as a free port

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Peel ports The appointment was celebrated Free Port Liverpool He added that this was “an opportunity for the future UK to be at the forefront of global trade relations”.

Liverpool Freeport will contribute about 850 million GVA and create 14,000 jobs, as well as provide leading solutions to meet local net zero carbon targets by 2040.

David Hugh, Managing Director, Peel Ports, “While we are a partner in this joint public-private partnership, the Port of Liverpool is the largest global gateway to the new regional free port. The way we see our role is to help the vast city area benefit greatly from its free port status. “

Hugh added, “We have invested 400 400 million Liverpool 2 He is an excellent facility. What really makes a difference is the combination of the best facilities here and the free port status for the region. ”

The offer, made to the government last month, had broad private sector support and was formally approved and approved by the Liverpool City Regional LEP, based on the region’s maritime history and its position as a port to the west. Irish Sea and Atlantic Links.

In addition to energy, which is particularly relevant to international trade, there are opportunities in hydrogen, seawater and wave energy.

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