UK over 50s vaccinated with third dose – News

UK over 50s vaccinated with third dose - News

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked rich countries to postpone the booster dose until all countries have vaccinated at least 40% of their population, the move was announced in parliament following expert testing.

The Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) argues that immunization promotion is needed to ensure that vulnerable people are protected against SARS-Cov-2, as studies have shown that immunity provided by vaccines slowly weakens over time.

The government advisory body on the vaccine campaign, preferably, recommends that the Pfizer vaccine be used or, instead, half a dose of the modern vaccine.

According to Zenathan Jonathan van-Domin, deputy director of health in the UK, the vaccine has so far prevented about 24 million Govt-19 cases and 112,000 deaths in the country.

“Latest ONS Statistics [instituto de estatísticas britânico] The first half of this year showed that nearly 99% of Govt-19 deaths were in people who did not receive both doses of the Kovit-19 vaccine. This shows the importance of our vaccination program, ”said Health Minister Sajid Javed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present in detail this afternoon the government’s plan to combat the epidemic in the coming autumn and winter months.

In his speech to Parliament, Sajid Javed said the aim was to avoid “severe social and economic restrictions”, a reference to the prison announced above.

Other activities include promoting outdoor socialization, wearing masks in closed spaces, and restraint when traveling abroad.

He added that it was “very likely” that health professionals dealing with patients would get the vaccine, which is currently only needed for caregivers in nursing homes.

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In case the epidemic worsens, Javed promised the executive that he has a B plan, which includes asking people to be more vigilant, re-enforcing masks, introducing a health pass and ordering delivery.

The country, which has removed most of the restrictions, currently registers an average of 30,000 new cases daily on Govit-19 and about 1,000 hospitals due to Kovit-19.

There have been more than 134,000 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic.


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