UK opposes Israel over Rafah attack

UK opposes Israel over Rafah attack

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced this Sunday (12) that the United Kingdom opposes the idea of ​​an Israeli ground offensive in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, but is determined to suspend arms sales. The Israelis will work to strengthen the Hamas group.

The United Kingdom came under pressure to talk after the United States last week halted the sale and shipment of bombs to Israel under the pretext that they would be used against civilians in Rafah. In April, after three Britons died in an Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid convoy, there were internal protests that pressured the government to talk.

Cameron's statement

The UK's current foreign minister, David Cameron, said he was working every day to ensure all possible humanitarian aid reached Gaza and to press Hamas to release all hostages, including British citizens.

The minister said that halting the sale and supply of arms to Israel is not wise, as it will strengthen Hamas and contradicts the US's position, which announced last week that it would stop sending bombs to Israel. Rafah city, where thousands of civilians are displaced.

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Refugee camps in Rafah, Gaza Strip (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images Embed/Ahmed Salem/Bloomberg)

The UK secedes from the US

Unlike the Americans in Cameroon, the United Kingdom provides only 1% of its weapons to Israel, which contrasts with the United States, which is the largest seller and supplier of weapons to the Israeli defense. According to the minister, the position between the two countries on this issue is unmatched by the military might of the United States.

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The largest arms supplier to Israel is the US, followed by Germany, Italy, Canada and the UK. The Germans have also been pressured to halt arms exports and take a stand against the ground occupation of Rafah by the Israeli military.

Rafah is a town in the south of the Gaza Strip, where thousands of refugees fled their homes in the north after Israeli incursions into the territory against Hamas began in October 2023. International concern is due to the public and potential. These casualties are at risk if Israel launches a ground offensive in the region.

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