UK: MSc Cruise returns to sea with short trips from Southampton

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MSc cruise ships It was announced that it would offer a series of short, one-week trips UK For British tourists only. Departures also include protected coast voyages for May 20 to 7-night trips.

Gianni Onorado, CEO of M.Sc. Cruise “After the initial phase of our resumption in the Mediterranean, the next logical step for us is to make our expertise available to British tourists and interested in travel, as the UK plans to open domestic flights in the second fortnight of May”.

The administrator pointed out: “Once the current international travel restrictions are lifted and many more ships are restarted across the Mediterranean, we hope to welcome British guests on one of our ships soon. Other areas traditionally preferred by the British.”

All departures, starting May 20, will arrive at the new terminal Southampton Also this line will add other ports in the UK and details will be announced soon.

All guests must receive an antigen test prior to boarding, while non-passengers must show a negative test within 72 hours of boarding.

In accordance with the MSc Cruise Health and Safety Protocol, other front boarding and interior activities apply to both passengers and staff.

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