UK Minister Visits NAM Atlantico in Brazil

UK Minister Visits NAM Atlantico in Brazil
Photo: Simon Dawson / Number 10 Downing Street

The presence of UK Foreign Minister David Cameron on board the Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier (NAM) “Atlântico” during the G20 meeting in Rio de Janeiro is not only a protocol visit but also a significant gesture of recognition and cooperation between Brazil. and the United Kingdom. Received by the Force Commander, Vice Admiral Paulo César Pittencourt Ferreira and senior officers of the Brazilian Navy, the Minister reminisced about his previous visit to the Atlantic's predecessor HMS Ocean in 2012 and toured the ship's facilities. England.

Recognition of Brazilian naval capabilities

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Photo: Simon Dawson / Number 10 Downing Street

The first visit of the Brazilian squadron to NAM “Atlantico” is a recognition of Brazil's naval capabilities and the strategic importance of the Brazilian Navy in global theaters of operations. The Commander-in-Chief's words highlight the role of Brazil as a force ready to act in different situations, highlighting bilateral cooperation and strengthening ties between the two countries.

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G20: Focus on economic cooperation and global growth

The visit takes place in a special context as Brazil has assumed the temporary leadership of the G20, the forum for international economic cooperation that brings together the world's major economies. Discussing topics related to strengthening the global economy and socioeconomic development, the focus is on highlighting Brazil's role in leading important discussions for the future.

“Atlantic” NAM: symbol of strength and humanity

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The “Atlantico” NAM, with its versatility and ability to operate remotely piloted aircraft, represents Brazil's commitment to maritime security and humanitarian missions. The addition of this ship to the Brazilian Navy, formerly known as HMS Ocean and built in England, reflects the ongoing partnership and technological and strategic exchange between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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A shared vision of collaboration and progress

Minister David Cameron's visit to the “Atlantico” NAM reaffirms the shared vision of cooperation and progress between Brazil and the United Kingdom. The visit highlights the importance of strengthening diplomatic and security ties to address global challenges, promoting peace, security and sustainable development at a time when Brazil stands out on the international stage, especially as it holds the G20 presidency.

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