UK lifts travel restrictions to Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel | Scientist

UK lifts travel restrictions to Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel |  Scientist

The UK government announced on Friday (7) that it will ease restrictions on international travel from 17 May. Travelers from 12 different countries, such as Portugal and Israel, will not need to be quarantined.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced the end of the ban on travel abroad, in effect since January, and the introduction of a system of restrictions dividing countries into three categories according to their health status.

Travelers arriving after May 17 from origins classified as “green list” will be required to take a first Covid-19 test before travel and a second test after arrival, but will not be required to adhere to a 10-day quarantine.

The “brown list” will include testing and quarantine at home or a location of the person’s choice.

Lack of strict control over entry of travelers may facilitate the arrival of coronavirus variants

As is the case so far, the “red list” will only allow access for British citizens or legal residents, who must remain isolated for ten days in a government-designated hotel at their own expense.

All South American countries and Panama are on the red list, which Turkey joined on Friday.

Of the 12 countries and territories included in the “Green List”, which includes the Falkland Islands, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the only major tourist destinations are Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel.

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