UK helps Israel shoot down Iranian drones

UK helps Israel shoot down Iranian drones

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed this Sunday (14) that UK Air Force jets stationed in the Middle East shot down “several” Iranian drones during Iran's attack on Israel on Saturday night.

Speaking to the BBC, the Conservative leader said: “Thanks to the international joint effort in which the United Kingdom took part, almost all the missiles were intercepted, saving lives not only in Israel but also in neighboring countries such as Jordan.”

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“99% of the threats were launched,” said Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari [desde sábado pelo Irão] intercepted against Israeli territory”, most of which occurred outside Israel's borders, “thanks to the assistance of the organizations” [antiaéreos] Israelis” and allies such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

In a statement issued outside his official residence and office on Downing Street in London, Sunak “paid tribute to the bravery and professionalism of his country's pilots”, who “flew in the face of danger to protect the public”.

The chief executive confirmed the air force had sent additional aircraft to the region “as part of the ongoing (British) operation to fight Daesh in Iraq and Syria”.

Sunak, who chaired a meeting of his emergency group COBRA last Friday, said he had “agreed on a plan of action”.

According to Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari, “99% of threats against Israeli territory were intercepted, a very significant strategic achievement.” Its actions in its own backyard are very clear,” the conservative leader said.

Sunak also stressed that his government “protects the security of Israel and the region, which is also important to the internal security of the United Kingdom.”

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“What we need now is peace and we will continue to work with our partners to prevent the situation from worsening,” the politician said shortly before a meeting of G7 leaders, which the United Kingdom will attend. area.

“It is important to coordinate with our allies and talk about next steps,” he said.

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