UK government issues new warning to people due to heat wave | National newspaper

UK government issues new warning to people due to heat wave |  National newspaper

The heat wave that hit Europe led the UK government to issue a new type of warning to the people.

For Brazilians, 27º C is a silly, pleasant temperature. But in London it can be mini messy. The cellphone warned early this Tuesday (20): “Disorders due to extreme temperatures.”

This Tuesday is the hottest day of the year in London. In the afternoon, the city reached 31º C – the same temperature as in Belom du Barre. More than a curiosity, it is a problem – one of the many signs that the world is not normal.

Due to the Brazilian scale heat, the UK-based public health agency has issued a new type of warning – valid until Thursday (22). People are advised to stay out of the sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to avoid the risk of burns and fatigue..

Summer heat waves are certainly normal, but experts say extreme temperature days UK Often, they become hot and durable.

At an event in London, the US government’s special climate ambassador, former Senator John Kerry, said he understood when young people went on strike in protest of climate change. The world cannot wait until the epidemic to end to tackle this problem properly.

Look at the reality of Europe’s largest economy today. The worst flooding in 60 years has caused a pain for Germany to see in the Northern Hemisphere.

“We have no water, no electricity, no gas. You can’t flush the toilet. Nothing worked. You can’t shower. I am almost 80 years old and I have never been before, ”says a German woman.

Prime Minister Angela Merkel has been criticized for being detained by predicted storms. On Tuesday, he announced financial assistance, promising to solve the problem of water and electricity shortages soon. More than 160 died in Germany. The search for the missing continues.

Rain-hit Belgium has paid tribute to those affected by the recent floods. Authorities have confirmed more than 30 deaths. In many cities the scene is even more depressing.

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