I want to be the new Grazy, but that creates a demand on self

I want to be the new Grazy, but that creates a demand on self

Obviously I want to be the new Grazi. There's no denying that she's one of my biggest inspirations for the show. She and Juliet both. Juliet brought her culture to the BBB, and that was also my goal, Alan Dias.

With new labels and inspirations, the former BBB is also concerned about demands and criticism: “With these comparisons comes a huge demand on oneself. I demand a lot of myself. I want to live up to my expectations and the expectations of others. But I know I will be able to, because I fight so hard for all of this “.

When asked if she had already auditioned for Globo, according to the backstage buzz, Allan disagreed. However, she tells us what her “dream role” would be in a TV series, a far cry from the “young lady” show on BBB.

When I play a villain, I will be able to show my side of thorns and rage. I've always had a great desire to play a really evil villain. People still look at me for my sweet and cute side, but when it comes to acting, I like to surprise. I want to take Alan away from the character, and playing the villain would be incredible.

Still in the interview, Allan says she's adjusting to the “real world,” comments on the controversial contractual relationship between former BBBs and Globo, and claims to be taking care of her mental health after having a health crisis. anxiety In excluding him from reality. paying off:

Alain Dias, from BBB 24, talks about the contract with Globo Photo: Thiago Patreal/Disclosure

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