Two victims identified on 9/11, nearly 20 years after the Twin Towers attacks

Two new victims of the attacks on the Twin Towers in September 11, 2001 They were identified through DNA tests, which raised the number of victims identified 1.647According to the New York City Chief of Coroner’s Office on Tuesday (7).

The latest victims identified are Dorothy Morgan and a man whose name has been kept secret at the express wish of the family. Progress has been made thanks to the analysis of human remains recovered from the site of the attacks 2,753 people were killed In one of the darkest episodes in US history.

Morgan’s identity can be confirmed by DNA testing of remains found in 2001, while the man was performed on human remains recovered in 2001, 2002 and 2006. They are the first World Trade Center victims to be identified since October 2019.

sequencing technology

Recent adoption of modern sequencing technology is facilitating new identifications, according to the New York City Office of Forensic Medicine, because it provides greater sensitivity and speed than traditional DNA techniques.

“Twenty years ago, we promised the families of the World Trade Center victims that we would do our best for the time needed to identify their loved ones, and with these new identifications, we continue to fulfill our sacred obligation,” Barbara said. a. Sampson, chief of forensic medicine, New York.

“No matter how long it has been since September 11, 2001, we will never forget and we are committed to using all the tools at our disposal to ensure that all those who went missing are reunited with their families,” he added.

To date, some 1,106 victims of 9/11, equivalent to 40% of those killed in the attacks, remain unidentified.

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