Two new channels fighting to become the ‘Fox News’ of the United Kingdom

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The UK media and political landscape are moving towards a turning point with the launch of two major television channels. Controversial news style of American Fox News And the proliferation of alternative media on the Internet.

GB message, An ambitious project funded by the giant Discovery, In the words of a former BBC journalist, will begin airing in the coming weeks with the aim of disrupting the “order” established by traditional channels. Andrew Neal, The front face of the chain.

“Journalists and commentators are very confident that their left-wing liberal values ​​will be shared by all sensible people in this country. A lot of those sensible people are getting tired. They feel abandoned and voiceless, “Neil wrote Daily Express, One of the media outlets that linked itself to the europhobic studies of the United Kingdom Freedom Party (UKIP).

Meanwhile, President Rupert Murdoch, the creator of the Fox News Empire, is finalizing the launch News UK TV, To be run by the former director of the American News Channel, David Rhodes.

Murdoch’s bet will compete with GB News and become a dominant medium among the audience it seeks. Information with a high level of opinion and conservative tendencies, There is still a trail in the British Isles for promoters of both projects.

In order: Rupert Murdoch; News UK TV’s new director David Rhodes; And Andrew Neal going to GB News.

A Yugov organization poll released in late 2020 sought to address the British appetite for the European edition of Fox News. 24% of those surveyed considered it a good idea, 34% rejected it and 42% disagreed.

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Reasonable standards

The UK is Strict rules to guarantee impartiality and authenticity Of the media presenting a different sports industry from the United States to new channels.

Ofcom, British Controller, “Prohibits blatant kind of discrimination It is regularly aired on US cable news channels such as Fox News and MSNBC, “he said. Efe Stephen Cushion, book author News and politics, Which analyzes the rise of descriptive journalism in recent years.

“There is concern that both GB News and News UK TV will try Push the limits of fair code “Cushion said he hopes the media can find subtle ways toward certain perspectives without drawing the regulator’s attention.

Cardiff University educator warns that news selection is not politically neutral. “Both channels can re-select information about the crime, for example, or ProxyIt already motivates the audience to adopt a particular view of the world. “

In November 2017, as a precedent for the powers that be of Opcom, the US edition of Fox broke its codes and aligned itself with the views of then-US President Donald Trump, without reflecting dissent, among other aspects.

However, his decision came three months after the channel stopped broadcasting in the UK due to a lack of viewers.


“The facts must have sufficient evidence and be accurate. Conspiracy and misinformation will not be tolerated “, Stressed the former editor of the BBC.

Against the spread of “hate”

In recent weeks, an activist group called Stop Funding Hate has launched a social media campaign against GB News. Ignore hiring advertisers for a new channel.

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“The news that has been circulating for months is that this will be the British edition of Fox News,” he said. Efe The director of that group is Richard Wilson.

American Television ” Famous for racism, famous for misinformation Of course due to other issues like Govt-19 and climate change (its safety), “he said.

“In recent weeks, there seems to have been a definite setback in the news of the British Fox becoming. Daily Mail And this Daily Express.

In 2016, Wilson published more than 100 newspaper covers with anti-immigrant messages. Last year, it only counted to two, so it confirms it “Reduced the level of hatred” England’s tabloid magazine Sweat. “I think most people would say this is a good thing,” he concluded.

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