Two excellent news for Bolsa Família have been confirmed for users of the Caixa app

Two excellent news for Bolsa Família have been confirmed for users of the Caixa app

Caixa Tem application, which is managed by Caixa Economica FederaFor, it is a crucial tool for distributing social aid in Brazil. In the latest updates, Bolsa Família users received very positive news, which promises to make life easier for millions of Brazilians living in vulnerable situations.

As part of a series of initiatives to improve the delivery of social benefits, Caixa Tem brought two new features in June that deserve close attention. This news is a response to user needs and a reflection of the government's ongoing efforts to support Brazilian families most in need.

What is the first major update in Caixa Tem?

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First big news in advance payments From June. The program was originally scheduled to start only in the second half of the month, but several early start dates were postponed, with the goal of providing quick service to families in emergency situations. This anticipation is an essential aid to those who rely on these values ​​in their daily living.

Payments are organized according to the last digit of each beneficiary's Social Registration Number (NIS), in ascending order. It is important to note that for some specific dates, such as when payment falls on a Monday, the issuance takes place on the previous Saturday.

What benefits are included in the new features?

In addition to down payments, Caixa Tem also facilitates the issuance of a file Extra value assigned to the program Gas aid. This grant includes financial support to purchase a gas cylinder necessary for cooking and home heating needs. Given the economic situation, this aid greatly helps alleviate high gas costs.

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Unfortunately, although more than 40 million people are registered in… Individual registration, only a small portion of the gas aid actually receives. Deploying this feature still faces significant challenges, such as limited financial resources highlighted by the government.

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Finally, in addition to gas aid, Bolsa Família, as part of the regular payment scheme, continues to provide amounts starting at R$600, with additions ranging from R$50 to R$150 to families with children and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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