Twitter starts releasing the paid version that offers additional features | Technique

Twitter starts releasing the paid version that offers additional features |  Technique

a Twitter Thursday (3) launched a subscription service that offers additional features to users. Currently only available in Australia and Canada, it allows you to undo tweets before others see them and change the colors of the app.

The option to unsend a tweet is the closest the platform has ever offered to an “edit” button. With the new feature, subscribers have up to 30 seconds to unpublish if they notice typos or have questions about whether content should really be shared.

Domain is very useful for accounts that have a lot of followers. That’s because the paid plan prevents a tweet from being instantly viewed by other people.

A subscription also allows you to organize your tweets into folders. The solution is useful for those who want specific places to store topics, funny videos, and movie trends, for example.

In addition, there is a reading mode, which converts threads of tweets into continuous text to improve the experience. The plan also has options to change the Twitter app’s icon and colors on a cell phone, as well as custom support for subscribers.

Twitter Blue is already priced in Brazil

Twitter Blue is the social network’s premiere subscription offering and search traffic for a consistent source of revenue. The goal is to expand revenue beyond its core business of selling ads on the platform.

The company did not provide details on when Twitter Blue will be transferred to users in other countries.

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