Trump ally Steve Bannon surrendered to the FBI’s global

He was charged with contempt charges twice on Friday: for refusing to appear to testify and for refusing to submit documents in response to a subpoena from the commission.

“We’re bringing down the Biden regime,” he said before turning himself in, “I want you to stay focused, it’s just noise.”

A judge is expected to hear him later on Monday.

US lawmakers want to sue Steve Bannon for contempt

In October, the Democratic-majority House of Representatives passed a 229 vote against Bannon — nine of them Republican — and 202 against, urging the Justice Department to take action against the former Trump strategist.

Steve Bannon before turning himself in to the FBI, November 15, 2021 – Photo: Jim Burg/Reuters

The inquiry wants Bannon to testify because it believes he “had some prior knowledge of the extreme events that occurred” on January 6, when Trump encouraged the insurgency as Congress now met to certify President Joe Biden’s electoral victory. The protest quickly turned into an attempted coup against the legislature, with the congressional building being stormed.

A US federal judge has rejected Trump's request to keep the actions that led to the Capitol invasion secret

A US federal judge has rejected Trump’s request to keep the actions that led to the Capitol invasion secret

Bannon made remarks in his podcast on the eve of the Capitol attack that raised eyebrows: “Will there be chaos tomorrow? A lot of people told me, ‘If there is a revolution, it will happen in Washington.'” “Well, that will be it. Your time in history,” Bannon told followers.

Bannon used an invalid argument

Bannon was backed by Trump’s lawsuit to prevent disclosure of some documents related to the events. He asked the committee to postpone his appearance until the court decides what to do about Trump’s action, but his request was denied.

In 2016, Bannon was named one of the key strategists in the torrent of rumors and lies that fueled Trump’s successful campaign, stinging sections of conservative voters with bitterness over issues like immigration.

Bannon, a former banking and media executive who once ran the far-right website Breitbart News, maintains close ties to the Bolsonaro family, especially far-right MP Eduardo Bolsonaro, who often praises the American.

He has already given informal advice to the Brazilian clan and announced his support for Jair Bolsonaro before the second round of the 2018 elections.

Steve Bannon surrendered to the FBI on November 15, 2021 – Photo: Kevin Lamarck/Reuters

who – which This is not the first time Bannon was arrested. In August 2020, he was arrested for embezzling funds from a campaign to support the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico.

At that time, he paid bail of $5 million and got out of prison.

The “We Built This Wall” campaign raised $25 million (about 142 million R$) donated by hundreds of thousands of people.

According to the Ministry of Justice, at least 1 million US dollars (about 5.64 million Brazilian reals) could have gone to Bannon himself, who used the money in his other organizations or for himself.

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