Tribuna do Norte- Promater has stopped taking patients from Unimed Natal for urgency and emergency

Promater deixa de receber os pacientes da Unimed Natal em urgência e emergência a partir de sábado

Urgent and emergency care at Promater Hospital for patients affiliated with Unimed Natal will be closed starting Saturday (15). The information was confirmed by the Medical Cooperative Consultant, which confirms that the appointments and procedures already established after that date will be confirmed.

Credits: Junior SantosPromater has stopped receiving urgent and emergency patients Unimed Natal starting Saturday
Also according to Unimed Natal, which posted a statement on its website, the termination request was filed by Promater Hospital. The operator notes that other medical units in the capital continue to provide urgent and emergency care on a regular basis. The cooperative did not disclose any other details about the rupture.

Promater was triggered by a TRIBUNA DO NORTE report, which is awaiting answers to questions sent to the press office.

Check out the complete statement released by Unimed:

Unimed informs Natal that as of May 15, 2021, the Emergency and Emergency Service at Brumter Hospital will not, upon its request, be open to attendance of unspecified beneficiaries. We assure that the scheduled surgical procedures and procedures continue to be performed as normal in this hospital. It is important to know that we have a wide network of accredited hospitals, and thus we guarantee assistance in emergency care, urgent hospitalization and emergency conditions for all our clients with quality and modernity. To find out which hospital meets your plan, consult our medical guide available through the beneficiary’s Unimed Natal app or on the websiteédico And to stay on top of all accredited hospitals in our network that provide this and other types of care. I care about you. This is the plan.

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