Train ‘swallowed’ by fireball in UK (video, photos)

Train 'swallowed' by fireball in UK (video, photos)

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This Friday morning (23), a train caught fire in the city of Sevanox in the United Kingdom. Locals were warned to stay indoors as the windows were closed due to dense smoke in the air.

Pictures a Fire ball This Friday swallows a freight train near Sevanox.

According to rescue teams, Quoted At The Sun, six fire engines fought the blaze at the height of the blaze.

Reports indicate that officers at the scene encountered major difficulties using breathing apparatus. Teams were able to control the fire and there was thick smoke hitting the area.

After an engineering train caught fire near Tandon Green, we were working with emergency services, blocking both lines between Sevenox and Arbington. Luckily no one was injured and now we are in the process of moving the train so the passengers can be carried back.

No injuries have been reported so far and the cause of the fire has not yet been released.

After the fire broke out, emergency crews began removing the train from the scene.

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