Too hot there? See how each sign handles hot weather, according to astrology

Too hot there?  See how each sign handles hot weather, according to astrology

With imminent arrival summer In Brazil, officially scheduled for December 21, thermometers have already begun registering record temperatures.

In this scenario, different personality traits associated with zodiac signs reveal how each individual views high temperatures.

How do the residents of each sign deal with the heat?

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Aries, ruled by the element of fire, also appreciate heat, but their impatience is evident. Annoyed, he complains, and even gets into a fight with the annoying fan.

Choose simpler solutions, like using an old fan you have, and invest a little to mitigate the heat.


Taurus, known for their frugality, resist turning on the air conditioner because of its cost. Moreover, the noise bothers them; Therefore, they prefer to enjoy cold beer at home, while valuing convenience and cost control.


Geminis suffer from heat, and feel hesitant about how to confront the problem.

This uncertainty makes them fickle, oscillating between staying at home and going out, using the fan or turning on the air conditioner, reflecting their confused and flexible nature.


Cancer patients, who are tied to their home, avoid going out in the hot weather and look for comfort at home. He prefers a cool breeze, and sleeps with the window open and without a sheet, creating an environment that makes him feel calm and peaceful.


Leo, majestic and warm, is thoroughly having fun summerIt shows itself at its peak under the rays of the sun. Instead of complaining, he surrenders himself to solar energy, enjoying every moment.

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Virgo is uncomfortable with heat, especially the risk of sweating and clothing marks. Concerned about cleanliness, he carries a collection of tools to keep cool, avoid extremely hot places, and prioritize the comfort of air conditioning.


Aesthetically oriented Libras are confused by heat and clothing choices. However, they look for social fun in bars, enjoying the summer with friends, drinks and conversation.


Summer is suitable for Scorpios, who reveal their lusts and… Magnetism. He shows off his skin, wears light clothes, and takes advantage of the heat in a seductive way.


Sagittarians face the heat in a carefree manner, keeping the party going in any weather. With many fans, they continue to celebrate with barbecue and beer, because for them the fun never stops.


Capricorn, often stuck in an air-conditioned work environment, deals with heat in a more controlled manner. At home, he seeks comfort using fans or air conditioners, prioritizing rest during workdays.


Aquarius, creative and innovative, develops homemade techniques to relax and explore online videos.

Thanks to their economic mindset, they can invest in gadgets, such as fans that release steam along with the snow, to circumvent the problem heat.


Pisces is sensitive to heat, complains and asks for comfort. Preferring cool environments, they can sleep with the air conditioner running, keeping their craving for cold and hot chocolate instead of heat and ice cream.

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