Arthur de Val says: Gentile, Amoudou, and Mouroux

Arthur de Val says: Gentile, Amoudou, and Mouroux

State Rep. Arthur De Val (Patriota-SP) said today that “there is only a viable third path” when it comes to the presidential election in Brazil. For him, the choice includes the presenter and comedian Danilo Gentile, the businessman and founder of the Novo party, Joao Amoudou, and former judge Sergio Moro.

In a social media post, I do omen, Also known by the pseudonym “Mama Valley,” said that other potential candidates “are not even working with the possibility of joining.” Therefore, in his opinion, those who say that he is a former candidate for the post of governor of São Paulo are not worth talking about them. That would be “all that Lula and Bolsonaro want.”

In a previous position, the deputy was considered a former supporter of the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without a party), he commented The meeting between former Presidents Fernando Enrique Cardoso (PSDB) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Labor Party). For him, the Toucan was wrong to find the PT.

“he is [Lula] He is corrupt and tried to woo Parliament, flirt with organizing the press, and became an ally of dictatorships, “he wrote.

Lula and FHC recently exchanged praise and met to talk about democracy, and the federal government’s neglect in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although he said he did not intend to run for office, and confirmed that he would support the SPD’s candidates, Fernando Henrique also said that he would support any candidate against the incumbent president, even if he was the Labor candidate – who reciprocated, saying he would also support the Toucan in that premise.

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This was said by former President Lula Not sure if it will take place In the 2022 presidential election, however, he told Radio Toby that if he enters the race it will be victory and victory over Bolsonaro.

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