Today there is nonsense to punish and boycott pawn planning

Today there is nonsense to punish and boycott pawn planning

Rico’s victory in the farmer’s test yesterday and the beginning of his reignfarm 13″ (RecordTV) I lit more fire on the straws! The day began with the comedian handing out tasks and pins to the other participants.

One pawn, in particular, is not at all happy with Riku’s behavior and is already planning to sabotage the boy. This afternoon’s penalty also left Erasmus unsatisfied. The offense has robbed one of the fitness influencer’s most beloved rooms… That’s right, the gym! With that, he and Allen got into an argument.

Check out what happened today at The Farm:

Distribution of tasks

Rico Melquiades has handed out jobs to passersby this morning. Farmer of the week after getting rid of the hot seat, woke up in a good mood, awakened the heart with applause and already took Tati Cuibra Baraco, Solange Gomez, MC Gui.

to wake up. Get up, let’s work. Nobody came here to lie down. You too, Seul, change your clothes to work.

Rico delegated the role of the cow to Victor Pecoraro. The comedian criticized Victor’s complaints about back pain for avoiding chores. “When it comes to doing activities to earn money and prizes, that pain is gone. So if that pain is gone to make money, it will start working in the cow,” he said.

He also spared no pains for Solange, who took care of the horse, Tati, who took care of the sheep, and MC Gui, who took care of the birds. Bystanders were called “diggers” and were accused of “just eating and sleeping.”

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The day has already begun with discord

Aline Mineiro and Erica Schneider argued while trying to help Erasmo Viana and Victor Pecoraro raise cows. The discussion began after Erica complained that Allen was studying the assignment the wrong way.

“We talked about not arguing in front of others,” Erica said bluntly during the engagement.

The Farm 2021: Ellen Mineiro and Erica Schneider clash against Erasmo

Photo: Playback / PlayPlus

Rikuo and MC Gui also exchanged the sniper

After delegating the task of handling birds to MC Gui, Peasant Rico Melquiades and Funkeiro needlepoint in the kitchen of the headquarters. In an exchange of criticism, the comedian wondered if the singer would stay with him on the condition that he be freed from next week’s hot seat.

The comedian asked, “Flirt with me! You want to catch me, is that what you want?”

A Fazenda 2021: Rico Melquiades talks with MC Gui after delegating mission - clone / twitter - clone / twitter

The Farm 2021: Rico Melquiades talks with MC Gui after delegating tasks

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Victor plots revenge on Riku

Speaking with Solange Gomes, Tati Quebra Barraco and MC Gui, Victor Pecoraro said he believes he will be nominated for the next farm by farmer Rico Melquiades. He promised revenge by throwing a bucket of water over the comedian’s head, if that happens.

The actor also stated that he would boycott Riku’s “reign.” Having seen in the manual that if the pedestrians are not performing their duties, the farmer is obliged to carry them out on their behalf, Victor said he would not take care of the cows tomorrow, to force Rico to work in his place..

Early in the morning , Tate said that if he was given a job for the cows, he wouldn’t do it.He said, “None of the cows I’d do and he has to do it if he doesn’t take the punishment. So, for me, it’s okay.”

Farm 2021: Vector Flat Ball vs Rico - Play Plus - Play Plus

The Farm 2021: Victor Flatpool vs. Rico

Photo: Playback / Playplus

Tati refused to eat Diane

Tate Kuibra Barako and Solange Gomez criticized Diane Melo’s stance – who works in the field with Erica Schneider and Thiago Picuelo – helping to prepare lunch for the participants.

“I’m not hungry, but I don’t want to eat that food. Today everyone decided to get their hands dirty?” Tate said, visibly upset.

The Farm 2021: Tati and Solange not eating the food they prepared for Day - Reproduction / Twitter - Reproduction / Twitter

The Farm 2021: Tati and Solange don’t eat prepared food for the day

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

The punishment caused nonsense between Erasmus and Allen

this afternoon, Aline Mineiro was punished after using the headquarters bathroom. The pawn is in the stall, and due to the offense, the pawns will be without academy for two days.

Some pawns joked that this was Erasmus’ weak point. In an effort to gain sympathy, Allen recalled that other people also committed wrongdoing and that she took a cold shower when they received the penalty for running out of hot water without complaint.

However, former Gabriella Pulissi replied, “Yes, but you took two [punições] in the same week.” Then the two of them fell and Aline started crying.

Farm 2021: Battle of Allen and Erasmo - Breed / Playplus - Breed / Playplus

Farm 2021: Allen and Erasmo fight

Photo: Playback / Playplus

Dr. Doolittle, is that you?

Erasmo Viana told Thiago Picuelo that “a little bird told” that his compatriot would not be eliminated in the third field.. The case occurred as soon as the ex-Gabriella Polisi finished meditating.

“Man, I was meditating there and just heard a tap on the glass. I continued meditating. When I finished, there was a little bird on the floor. I went over there, picked it up, put it in my lap, and caressed he-she.” […] I had just meditated, I was at peace, I had just prayed. “Man, there are some things that happen to us…but that’s it,” said the influencer.

Farm 2021: Erasmo tells us about the bird - breeding / Playplus - breeding / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Erasmus tells about the bird

Photo: Playback / Playplus

James is worried about Victor

Thiago Piccolo spoke to Erasmo Viana about Victor Pecoraro. His fellow countryman shared his interest in the actor.

“Victor wasn’t doing well today, was he? He was really bad, man,” said Thiago. “At dawn it was so bad. Because of the family. He cried a lot. A lot, a lot. He even said some strong things like that, you know? From the family.”

A Fazenda 2021: Tiago Piquilo talks to Erasmo - clone / Playplus - clone / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Thiago Picuelo talking to Erasmo

Photo: Playback / Playplus

The Farm 2021: Who do you want to be on the ground?


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV


Antonio Shahestian / Record TV

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