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He is a hyperbolic TV news anchor with a political ambition, a critic of Megan Markle fighting for Pierce Morgan’s place and a British lord who claims to be middle class – these are some of the characters in the arsenal Munia Sawa.

But during an interview with Zoom, Chava, 28, who was delivered directly from her London apartment in March this year, exposed her own personality by wearing a neon sweatshirt. “I write content because I want to express how I feel about the world. You have to have some kind of catharsis when the world throws itself at you. Otherwise, you will go crazy,” he said of his humor.

Dry slides of Sava Racism, Classicism and everyday life UK Already had a captive audience International spread. But, during the lockout, his energetic singing, comic acting and rap helped to become the apologetic voice of young progressives, in an increasingly diverse country, unimpressed by the elite and skeptical of the system.

In the tragedy of the United Kingdom Disabling This is a blessing for Sava, who has more than half a million followers on Instagram and Dictok. He signed a deal with Atlantic Records, and his news anchor Party Greece appeared in Netflix UK ads “in a year like this, comedy was the much-needed solution,” Sava said. The string of successes has sparked an ambitious goal: “I am one of the most respected comedians in the country.”

To Sava – comedy heroes like John Oliver, Andy Saltsman and Sacha Baron Cohen – the satire sounds like “a superpower”. According to him, this is due not only to the challenges of interpretation, but also to the ability to find humor in situations that should not be humorous. “Everything that becomes the target of your laughter can no longer be hunted or hurt like that.”

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Looking at the situation in the world today, there is plenty of material to work with him.

Despite critics saying that food baskets for poor children are very limited, Sava created an image about a wealthy legislator: he tried to respond to criticism: “We can not feed children, but put them in a movie: ‘Hungry game greed’ ‘. British journalists mocked the headlines about the Duchess of Sussex using a card game called Cards Against Humanity (“Megan Peppa Kidnapped a Pig”), and they acted safely, allowing protesters to enter the American Capitol when they learned they were white: “You already have a ticket! It’s called the White Offer. ”

Of all his characters and works, Chava is the most famous Unknown b, The unbearable smack rapper from Surrey, he wears a burberry hat and sings about tax evasion, trust finance and other things, and Sava imagines billionaires talking behind closed doors.

This character was born out of a desire to expose the hypocrisy of classicism and cultural allotment in the midst of a public debate in the United Kingdom. Hip hop British officials tried to censor him, saying he was to blame for the increase in knife crimes in London.

For many young blacks, piercing is an important form of expression that, according to Sava, gives voice to the frustrations and realities of life in times of austerity. Sawa said he was embarrassed to be assigned to the category because “rich, white boys sing” as they reach private schools of this type.

Born in Derby, England, Sava spent his childhood Zimbabwe, His father’s homeland, before his family moved to a village on the outskirts of Norwich, England. His first contact with comedy was through his grandfather, and comedy at the dinner table made him the center of attention.

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In the UK, Sava, one of the few black families in the region, suppressed its natural alienation, which was encouraged in Zimbabwe. “Slowly, I stopped raising my hand,” he said.

In college, he studied psychology, but the student spent all his time on the radio. He also worked as a waiter at a sophisticated restaurant in Norwich, where customers sometimes praised his English. There, he received useful information about the habits of the super-rich. When he moved to London, he realized that this world could be a gold mine for comedy.

While working as a producer for the 4 Music TV channel he started posting skits online, believing that his profile would gain enough prominence to star on TV. However, his skits went viral, and one by one, Sava found that instead of trying to impress the defenders of the industry, he could bypass them completely. “You can go viral overnight, and after that, everyone knows who you are. Fighting against status is my freedom,” he said, adding that many young people in the UK are not represented by comedians on the television screen …

Chava rejects criticisms that mocking serious issues such as racism and epidemics makes them trivial. The grandfather who spurred his life died of a terminal illness during epidemics, and last year’s Black Lives Matter demonstrations gave him an emotional pain he had never experienced. “I could not communicate on the phone. I was depressed all the time.”

But in difficult times you can cry or laugh – and he follows the proverb that you want to make people laugh. “For me, it’s better to add humor to the world at this time than to add more reasons to be depressed.”

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Despite finding many places and people to criticize in the world, Sava said he did not want to become a scoundrel – the guy who complains in the supermarket about how hard life is. On the contrary, he is optimistic about his own future and the future that the young British people will build. “The older generation may think we’re all dancing in Dictok – this is sometimes true,” he admitted. However, Sava believes that his comedy meets the needs of young people, who seek out artists who are deeply aware of the inequalities of the world. “As the rich heirs begin to leave the scene, I have very positive beliefs about the participation of a new generation in UK politics,” he concluded.

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