Tite sends a list with the word “English”, the Brazilian Confederation speaks to the clubs and awaits the decision between FIFA and the United Kingdom | Brazilian national team

Tite sends a list with the word "English", the Brazilian Confederation speaks to the clubs and awaits the decision between FIFA and the United Kingdom |  Brazilian national team

Brazil’s national team coach, Tite, delivers the list of teams and substitutes to FIFA on Friday. Despite the call, the names will not be announced yet, which will only happen Next week 24 – next Friday with a press conference for the coach and the committee.

Great controversy – and inconvenience to the South American teams – from the last call, Brazilian players who play in England will join Tite’s squad once again. But, this time, the anticipation is positive for these athletes’ presentation.

Tite during Brazil’s last match against Peru: The Brazilian team won eight in eight matches – Photo: Ricardo Moraes / Reuters

A meeting between FIFA leaders and members of the United Kingdom is scheduled throughout Friday to ease quarantine on returning to British countries. Previously, there was a mandatory 10-day isolation requirement, which could lead to them missing appointments with their clubs.

Clubs’ dissatisfaction also included an increase in dating days in FIFA, from nine to 11 days in total. But now the weather is milder. The managers of English clubs willingly indicated the release of the athletes, in a letter sent to the Brazilian Football Confederation, which, in turn, withdrew the request for punishment in FIFA..

With a short interval between the FIFA date in September and the call-up in October – it was Brazil’s 2-0 win over Peru, at the Arena de Pernambuco, just a week ago – Tite and the commission have decided to announce the names from now on. . Benefit from observing the first round of the Champions League, European League and more rounds from the start of the national leagues.

But the procedure is the same. Initial List – With only more than 23 name that can be included in each match – It must be submitted 15 days before the date of FIFA – It begins on October 4, with away matches against Venezuela, on the 7th, Colombia, on the 10th, and ends after the 14th match, against Uruguay, in Manaus.

The pre-selected names secure the rights to the selections in calls, with their clubs releasing their players. If a call-up is required outside this 15-day period, the CBF must negotiate with the clubs for the release of the athlete.

If there were reactions to September in interviews with English club coaches closing doors to release athletes, the new talks were seen as satisfactory. Tite had to call up 12 new players – some of whom were not even on the list of substitutes previously selected by the coaching staff.

From the list delivered Friday, in the absence of a new shift and English ban, Tite and the committee will only remove names from the total given names – from 30,40 to just over 20 called up. Remember that Tite has returned Marquinhos, who was suspended against Argentina and the CBF preferred not to risk his team against Peru, but Neymar will not be against Venezuela.

The joint border force logistics team visited two preparation sites in Bogota, which were selected as the base for selection. Training should take place at the Nemesio Camacho stadium known as El Campín. It is the stadium of Independiente Santa Fe and the Millionaires, in the Colombian capital.

Tite will lead three training sessions in Bogotá until his trip to Caracas on Day Six, and the match against Venezuela is scheduled for 7:30pm-8:30pm Brasilia time, on October 7. In Barranquilla, Brazil and Colombia meet from 4 pm to 6 pm in Brasilia. They play in Manaus, Brazil and Uruguay at 20:30 – 21:30 Brasilia time.

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