Tisien Pineiro shows Rafa days after surgery on his face: “She looked beautiful”

Tisien Pineiro shows Rafa days after surgery on his face: “She looked beautiful”

Presenter Tessian Pinheiro He showed his teenage daughter Rafaela Justus, 14 years old, a few days after undergoing facial surgery. The teenager underwent rhinoplasty to slim her nose.

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Now Rafinha is recovering from the operation that was performed 13 days ago. It was Tessian who took care of Ravinia after the operation. But the broadcaster stated that her daughter recovered very well.

Tessian Pinheiro He said: The healing is great! Rafa had her nose modified, which is what she wanted. The female vanity, who already had to undergo surgery to treat a deviated septum, took the opportunity to modify her nose as well.

This week, Rafinia even returned to her classroom. She is still using tape after the operation, but she filmed a video showing the shape of her face. When he showed his face with the change, Rafinha commented: “Rhinoplasty.”

Netizens praised Rafinha's new look. One netizen commented: “You were already beautiful, Rafinia, and you are becoming more beautiful.” Another internet user said: “Rafa, you are beautiful! And every passing day becomes more beautiful.” One netizen said: “Rafa is beautiful! I really want to see the end result, if it's beautiful now, imagine when it's 100%. “It just highlights the beauty she already has,” another netizen said.

Many netizens also talked about Rafaela Justus' resemblance to Tessian Pinheiro. “I think you look like your mother,” one netizen commented. Another netizen said: “She looks more like her mother.” Another internet user said: “How beautiful! “I think you look like Tessie.”

Some netizens even thought about whether Raffaella Justus had also had orthognathic surgery, which involves both jaws. Neither Rafinha nor her parents, Tessian or Roberto Justus, have spoken about whether or not she underwent this other procedure. One netizen commented, “I think she had orthognathic surgery too, but she looks pretty anyway.” Another internet user said: “I think she did something with her mouth too, it looks perpendicular.”

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Tessian Pinheiro's daughter reveals her face after surgeryTessian Pinheiro's daughter reveals her face after surgery
Tessian Pinheiro's daughter, Rafinha, shows her face after surgery

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