Tinder Releases In App To Stop Harassment | social networks

Tinder Releases In App To Stop Harassment |  social networks

a Tinder About the launch of a tool aimed at reducing harassment within the application. This job is called “Are you sure?” And it seeks to reduce the sending of inappropriate messages within the chat, by using artificial intelligence to identify the abusive words sent by users and block them. According to the platform, the functionality even reduced the use of inappropriate language by 10%.

The new feature consists of a warning displayed on the screen when the system identifies inappropriate language in the chat, indicating to the sender that something in that text might appear offensive. The alert aims to elicit a reflection in the individual before he sends the message.

Supplier drops 10% when sending inappropriate messages on Tinder Chat – Photo: Ana Letícia Loubak / TechTudo

According to Tinder, during the first 30 days of testing the feature, members who saw the alert were unlikely to be reported for using inappropriate messages. According to the company, the role changed the behavior of these individuals in the long run, not just in that specific conversation.

“The first results from these resources show us that the right intervention can be really important in changing behavior and building a society in which everyone feels they can be what they really are,” said Tracy Breden, Head of Security and Defense. Parent company of Tinder.

“Are you sure?” User is asked to think before posting inappropriate content on Tinder Chat – Photo: Reproduction / The Verge

The company explained that the artificial intelligence used in “Are you sure?” It was built on the basis of member reports, and that the system would continue to evolve constantly, learning new terms and expressions that were considered inappropriate. “Words are as powerful as actions, and today we are taking a stronger position that harassment has no place on Tinder,” Breden said.

“are you sure?” It is part of a suite of security tools created by Tinder that includes another interactive functionality that works in reverse, providing support for members receiving inappropriate messages. According to the company, members have been affected by “Does that bother you?” Complaints were recorded 46% more than those who did not see the alert.

So now, the new feature “Are you sure?” Available in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Tinder says that in the coming months the functionality will be enabled in other countries.

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