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Billionaire Farkat Akhmedov agreed to pay his ex-wife about $ 135 million ($ 157.64 million), which Bloomberg says puts an end to the largest financial dispute divorce courts ever pursued in the country.

A spokeswoman for Akhmedov said in a statement that Tatiana Akhmedova had accepted a contract for money and art, representing one-third of the order issued in 2016.

The deal puts an end to a long-running legal battle, with the oligarchy owning its luxurious, 115-meter, nine-story Luna SuperSat.

The fight for assets has at least nine jurisdictions since a London judge awarded Tatiana வுக்கு 450 million (25 525.47 million) in 2016 – a total of 41% of Farqat’s assets.

Fargat, a native of Azerbaijan, made a huge profit in November 2012 by selling shares of a Russian gas producer for $ 1.19 billion, but refused to pay any fees during the divorce and assessed the 2016 divorce order as illegal.

“I’m going to burn this money instead of giving it to her,” Farqat said in a WhatsApp message sent to his son.

The deal came after several previous negotiations failed.

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