This is how an English puppy returned home after losing his passport at the post office

Story Chewing, The puppy of the breed Shih Soo, Traveled from the United Kingdom to Mexico with its owners, Karen Denis Gonzalez and Karan Lund, who became a bottleneck after his loss Passport In Depostilan, Morelos, So he could not return home, but the work of the embassies allowed the story of this dog to have a happy ending.

Chewing, The name inspired by the name Star Warsசெவ்பாக்கா”, Traveled to the magical city of Depostilin, the birthplace of its owner, who shares photos of his travels on the dog’s Instagram account.

In some of the photos, you can see Chevy posing in the landscapes of the Morelos area.

After spending a few days in Depostilin, the holidays are over, so their owners are ready to return. United KingdomBut when they returned to the international airport in Mexico, they realized that the dog’s passport had been lost, so they asked for support from the British embassy in the Aztec soil.

Faced with this unexpected event, Karen Denis and Karan had to stay in Mexican territory for a long time.

After several days of work to find out Passport From the ear, it was announced on February 9 that the UK Ambassador to Mexico Corinne Robertson could recover the document.

Our embassy team supports not only British citizens. Today, thanks to the help of our Press and Communication Team and @SRE_MX, Chevy was able to retrieve her passport to return to the UK. Good trip! #DiplomacyPerruna

Following the news, Karen Denis Gonzalez and Karan Lund thanked the Ambassador, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the discoverer. Passport Dog, for making it possible for him to come back home.

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The release ended with a bizarre message from the diplomat, who acknowledged Chevy’s resemblance to the Star Wars character.

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