This “innocent” habit can hide more serious diseases

This “innocent” habit can hide more serious diseases

the procrastination It is the act of prolonging activities. It’s about making time to do an activity, and putting it off until the next moment or day. Actions such as taking time to get out of bed, taking time to complete tasks, not focusing on activities and getting distracted are signs of procrastination.

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It is not permissible to search for the reason for procrastination because it is confused with pure lazinessHowever, it is not always so simple and some more serious cause should always be investigated.

Possible causes of procrastination

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • pressure
  • Other self-esteem issues
  • Looking for fun
  • Afraid to fail

to remember: Do not self-diagnose. Seek professional help to help determine a cause procrastination. In other words, everyone has a different reason and any help to improve quality of life is welcome.

Procrastination affects your quality of life

People who procrastinate are more likely to feel lonely and have worse sleep quality. That is, all of the above causes and the issue of sleep and loneliness were presented in a study aimed at procrastination in the journal. JAMA Network is open.

The study was published on January 3, 2023 and the research focus was on linking the act of procrastination and its consequences to health, research on university students in Sweden, in the capital, Stockholm.

How to deal with procrastination

See the importance of your activities. Some activities can be done ahead of time in the belief that their progress may be detrimental to the quality of the task. Others can be done after completing your main mission.

  • Balance your routine: You don’t have to spend all day doing a task in reaction to your procrastination. That is, you have a balance between free time and the time when you will be busy.
  • Get some rewards: Think of something you like very much, like watching a movie, a a series or play. Create a context in which the task you are putting off aligns with your most urgent tasks.
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