Thiago was removed from MasterChef and Jacquin reprimanded: ‘Scary movie’

Tiago é eliminado do MasterChef e leva bronca de Jacquin

“Getting to this point in the game and presenting a recipe that I don’t believe in is sad, but I take it easy because it was fair. I failed, I could have solved the dish differently, but I made a mistake at a stage of testing where I couldn’t go back,” he said. What would have changed if he could? His reaction to the challenge: “I’m going to make a dish that I’m more confident in and I’ll be a little calmer.”

Passionate about gastronomy programs, the amateur chef left the studio confident that he lived the experience as a whole. “I made sure not to hold back my feelings, I wanted to enjoy the moment and feel it all, the stress, the worry, the happiness. In my opinion, to be on the show, I must offer what comes from my soul: a good plate of food.” Deep!