These motorcycles no longer pay IPVA and you will want to

These motorcycles no longer pay IPVA and you will want to

The IPVA may be reset on some motorcycles

Anyone who owns a motorcycle or car knows that they have to pay a motor vehicle ownership tax (IPVA). Therefore, every year drivers pay a fee to Detran.

But, did you know that after a certain period of time, your car will no longer pay these fees? Today we will talk about this decision issued by the government, about which very little is known.

Base 110i (Photo: Disclosure/Honda)

As explained on the Garagem 360 website, the government published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on July 11, a proposal to reduce the tax rate on motorcycles equipped with engines up to 170 cylinders to 0% and was scheduled to “enter into force from the date of its publication, and shall be effective as of From January 1 of the following fiscal year.

However, the decision is not mandatory. Which means that the states and the Federal District can choose to accept the decision or not. Therefore, it is still necessary to wait to see how each country will react.

It should be noted that IPVA is a state tax. Of the total value, 50% goes to the state and 50% to the municipality where the car is registered. Therefore, such measures by the government are at the discretion of each region.

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IPVA on these cars is exempt and there are Volkswagen deaths (Image: Disclosure)

Big win for drivers: With Volkswagen and Fiat on the list, these cars will pay IPVA more in 2024

The beloved Volkswagen car was humiliated by the Renault model, which ended its production (Image: Internet Reproduction)

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Failure: Closing production of Renault cars after being humiliated by the beloved Volkswagen model

IPVA (Reproduction/Internet)
IPVA (Reproduction/Internet)

Which motorcycles will no longer pay tax?

According to data from the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Motorcycles, Scooters, Scooters and the like (ABRACICLO), a good and diverse range of motorcycles will not pay IPVA next year. Hence, those that have up to 170 cylinders. A good example of this is Honda CG160. The model has four different versions and costs of 12,280 Brazilian reals. This motorcycle features: 162.7 cc.

a Honda Basewhich contains versions 110i that it 125is another motorcycle that will not pay IPVA in 2023. And another model is too Yamaha YPR 150It is equipped with a motor 149 cylinder.

Honda CG 160 is one of the motorcycles up to 170 cc (Reproduction: Internet)
Honda CG 160 is one of the motorcycles up to 170 cc (Reproduction: Internet)

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