These are the big exclusives coming to Xbox in 2023, according to a well-known insider.

These are the big exclusives coming to Xbox in 2023, according to a well-known insider.

2021 was crowned as one of the best years of Xbox, something that didn’t happen to the same in 2022, which was even rarer in terms of exclusives. Although that will change a bit later this year, when we’ll be able to enjoy deliveries like Pentimente or High On Life. Although Xbox has grown exponentially in recent years, these are the big exclusive games that are coming to Xbox in the 2023.

Right now, we know Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and Minecraft Legends are slated to release next year, but thanks to well-known insider Klobrille (via Idle Sloth), we knew how many great exclusives coming to Xbox in 2023 would be intriguing.

So, if true, 2023 will be another great year for Xbox and Game Pass, and may well surpass the great year the brand had in 2021. Moreover, with the impending closure of the Activision Blizzard acquisition, in 2023 we will be able to Enjoy access to many more Activision Blizzard games on Xbox Game Pass.

From January to June 2023:

  • Redvale (Arkane Studios / Bethesda)
  • Forza Motorsport
  • starfield (Bethesda Game Studios)
  • Ara: History is unspeakable (Oxide Games/Xbox Games Studios)

From July to December 2023:

  • Minecraft legends (Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive / Xbox Game Studios)
  • Belfry Project (Stoic Studio / Xbox Game Studios)
  • approve (Obsidian Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios)
  • Hellblade II (Ninja Theory / Xbox Game Studios)
  • cross from Undisclosed game
  • contraband (Avalanche Studios / Xbox Game Studios)
  • The alleged Bethesda game
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It should be noted that for Klobrille, this does not mean that all these games will be released, he believes that they can be recognized or Hellblade II. While he’s been looking a lot behind the scenes, he thinks these games could be ready for 2023. There’s an interesting point about the unannounced show (which one? From Gears? Halo?).

The supposed bethesda game is definitely Wolfenstein 3, after MachineGames lost some time and something better could definitely be equipped. However, there are many other hypotheses in this space as well.

In any case, next year promises to be very heavy, and we still do not put Activision Blizzard in this story, after all, Call of Duty and Diablo IV will soon enter.

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